Necromunda Terrain

  • System: Necromunda/Warhammer 40,000
  • Techniques: Modular Terrain, LED Circuits
  • Status: New!


Inspiration for Necromunda Terrain

A quick collection of inspirational images and links for Necromunda terrain building. Super Massive Beasts blog – Necromunda archives. Spectacular Necromunda gang and lots of documentation of several...
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Miniature Brick Wall Tutorial

For my Necromunda terrain I wanted to have several of the base layers for the modular sections,or “risers”, built out of brickwork.  It’s not a typical finish for Necromunda terrain...
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Adding LED Circuits to Terrain

In past plans for my modular Necromunda/40k Cityfight terrain and gaming table, I dreamed of one huge electrical circuit that would power 12-16 separate modular tiles, connected by sockets and...
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Building Slaved Servitors

Servitors are some of the most messed up Games Workshop creations, and among servitors there is one particular type, not present in miniature form but occasionally glimpsed in artwork,...
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LED Circuit Part 2

In the last post about LED’s I’d managed somewhat improbably to make an LED turn on.  In this post I show the much easier process of embedding the...
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How To Make Scrap Barricades

Building terrain, making bases, converting and painting models… it’s a messy affair.  You know the drill… you keep pushing back the encroaching tide of scrap, always seeking a patch...
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Modular Necromunda Riser

Part of my plan for modular Necromunda tiles involves several bulkhead height tiles.  While I am happy for some of these to be fully modelled, I also wanted to...
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Chemical Tank

I bought an Amazon FireTV Stick and it had some of that molded cardboard packaging in the box that made a fine foundation for a small chemical tank.  The...
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