Inq28 & Inquisimunda

System/Setting: Necromunda, Kill Team
Techniques: Kitbashing, Conversions, “Blanchitsu”
Status: Active

In 2017 I was inspired by a “bits box challenge” competition on Yaktribe, years of ogling Inquisimunda and Inq28 conversions, and an upcoming hybrid Necromunda/Inquisimunda campaign to start kitbashing models to represent the hired guns, inquisitorial henchmen, campaign protagonists and general ne’er do wells one would find in the Underhive settlement of Angel Falls (where my campaign was set). Since then, Inq28 style builds have formed the majority of the models I’ve built and painted.

The first posts in this project are pulled from forum posts from the last 3 years to bring this blog up to date. From there, I’ll start to add newer projects.