Blood Bowl Orcs

System: Blood Bowl
Techniques: Kitbashing, glazing, wet blending, desert bases
Status: Work In Progress

Half way through my Wildwood Wanderers Wood Elf team project, I got suddenly inspired to create an Orc team when I remembered that years previously I had picked up boxes of 40k Ork Boyz and Warhammer Black Orcs.

The Ork Boyz were for a short lived “Deff Korps” project where I intended to sculpt and cast my own resin kit of trenchcoat wearing Orks inspired by Forgeworld’s Death Corps of Krieg. The Black Orcs I think I mainly bought because the models were just that good although they got a brief outing when I tried to combine their torsos with Dark Elf cold one bodies to make Dragon Ogres for my fledgling Chaos army.

Either way, neither kit was properly used until my new Blood Bowl project brought them out of the depths of my bits box and onto the painting desk. It just goes to show that at least some of those spur of the moment purchases end up going to a good cause.

One of the things I love about Blood Bowl is the chance to model and paint lots of different races while only having to complete a dozen or so models. The Orcs are certainly no exception to this, as ever since Brian Nelson revolutionised the design of Games Workshops’s greenskins I have loved their imagery and really wanted to have a go at modelling them, but the usual prospect of 100+ models has put me off.