Better Eldar Jetbike

System: Warhammer 40,000
Techniques: Kitbashing, sculpting, moulding & casting
Status: Archived

This project log dates from 2009-2015. Back then, it was a fairly common desire among Eldar players to want a better jetbike model.  At the time, the current one was decades old, and it showed.  While the bike itself holds up reasonably well, the guardian rider is very much not in line with the modern Eldar aesthetic and, perhaps worse, the posing of the rider (often referred to as “easy rider”) doesn’t fit with the idea of a lightning fast and agile combat jetbike.

Seeking to combat this, in 2009 I built my original  “better jetbikes”, combining Dark Eldar and Eldar jetbikes to create a reasonable “modern” Eldar bike.  This old “better bike” forms the first post in this project log.  Afterwards I started a little side project that never appeared publicly.  I was contemplating making more and more and more of these jetbikes (maybe 30 or so), for guardian bikers, plus shining spears AND jetbike mounted warlocks and farseers, and this made me a bit crazy in the head, so I decided I would create myself some “mod kits” that could be cast in home made 2 part rubber moulds and then churned out as necessary in resin.  I had started improving on the design of the jetbike further and refining the posing and details on the riders, plus mocking up ways to make shining spears. I also bought myself everything I thought I needed for casting.

Fast forward to the Eldar “wave release” in April 2013 (the one where the Wraithknight was released).  I had been pretty excited by some of the new releases and pre-ordered a fair number of the new kits, however for me the most interesting thing about the new release was the lack of any updated jetbikes. I don’t think I was alone in expecting that old “easy rider” Jetbike kit to be shelved in favour of something similar to the Dark Eldar reaver jetbikes.

For me though this was kind of a blessing in disguise.  The lack of new jetbikes completely re-inspired me to tackle the jetbike casting project, and I decided to actually try making a mould.   This is the first time I’d ever cast anything so as you can imagine there is a lot of learning to be done in this log.

The project peters out before properly finishing, mostly because GW eventually released a new jetbike that took the wind out of my sails a bit, and because I was playing less and less 40k. But it’s here for posterity anyway.