Wildwood Meadows

System: Blood Bowl
Techniques: Carpenty, terrain, scenery, flocking, transfer printing, water effects
Status: Complete

At some point in the lives of many table top Blood Bowl players the urge strikes to build a custom pitch. The basic cardboard pitch from the original game or a roll up job from an aftermarket retailer serve admirably, but it’s really nice to have a fully landscaped pitch that matches one or more of your Blood Bowl teams.  As this log starts, I’m gathering bits to make my Wood Elf team, the Wildwood Wanderers.  Before I’ve even started to put together the actual players my mind has run away with possibilities for their home stadium, a glade on the outskirts of Athel Loren that has been (just about) repurposed into a Blood Bowl pitch.

A combination of scope creep, laziness and just being very unfamiliar with the amount of time required to get the finish I was after means this is a far more long winded project than I ever could have imagined at the start, as I naively imagined it would be finished within a month or so in time for a Blood Bowl league starting at my local club.  How wrong I was…